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Assam has many ethnic communities residing in the state. By and large, they are living within their own community, secluded from the others and with only few members practicing their own traditions. Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra Society has taken up this initiative that will evoke a sense to bridge this gap and to revive the fading traditions of each community. It will be a step towards promoting the performing arts tradition of one community among another, and in the process unifying the diversity of the land through cultural exchange and promulgating the concept of ‘Bor Asom’.

This is a residential workshop, in the first phase of which, will have participants from for 20 selected ethnic groups/communities of Assam enabling a wave of unity to rise through inter-liaising and bonding between each of the representatives of the groups. The participants will set a chance to meet, exchange thoughts & ideas and develop a connect with not only the participants from other groups but also with other eminent Artists, Intellectuals and established personalities of Assam. Sattriya, Bhortaal & Borgeet lessons will be imparted for performing arts & culture, as well as for historical knowledge to create awareness about this centuries old great living tradition of Assam incepted by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradeva and Sri Sri Madhabadeva in the 15th century. Sessions on Mati Akhora and Yoga will also be imparted each day to inculcate an aptitude for good health.

Aim & Objective

This workshop is an effort that aims at strengthening the state as whole by unifying the different tribal and ethnic communities and groups that dwell in this land. This initiative is an opportunity to gear up the society to understand and realize the potentialities and talent of each community by another community in a positive and prospective environment. A ground will be created to connect every individual to the concept of feeling one as a state and to not lose their own identity in the name of modernisation. Dissemination of the original cultural heritage of the land around the country and the world will develop a sense of pride, statehood and appreciation of and connection with their own roots among the new generations. The youth who are the spine of our society will be able to blossom globally yet standing strong on the foundation of their Ethnic Cultural Heritage and this in return will help in preservation, promotion and protection of the same. These young candidates will be given complete support to enhance their personalities helping them to bud as young leaders.


Phase 1

20 groups of Assam have been selected after deep planning and discussion to cover major communities and ethnicities including other representatives:

This workshop will be conducted in 5 different parts wherein the communities of Group 1 will interact and learn songs and dances of the communities of Group 3 and communities of Group 2 will interact and learn songs and dances of the communities of Group 4.

The expectation from the participants is that they will take up their own culture in a thoughtful way and understand, respect and bond equally with all other cultures of the state.

Phase 2 and Beyond

The other remaining communities will be brought in to participate in similar workshops. Thereafter, advance level workshops will be conducted for fewer number of participants from all groups across Assam. This is intended to be continued further enabling and empowering the youths to continue the legacy of Cultural Heritage of the land as leaders. The Youth Force will drive the new generation / new society towards a united and stronger state of Assam.


At the end of each workshop an event will be held where every participant will find a platform to perform and showcase their learning and their own talents as well. The whole event and workshop will boost up confidence and provide impetus to these young minds to carry forward this concept with utmost responsibility. They will be able to stand tall as young leaders and spread the pride & uniqueness of their originality in their own societies and across.

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